Why Progressives Want Mandatory Voting

I found this video on another blog… I can’t even imagine how big of a mistake it would be to drop the voting age. A terrible terrible idea

American Glob

In the newest edition of Afterburner, Bill Whittle explains why progressives like the idea of lowering the voting age and mandatory voting. It’s all pretty simple. Both ideas help big government loving Democrats win elections.

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When did America stop being America.

Now obviously I don’t believe that America has totally stopped being the land of the free, but I have to say there are some things that I can’t wrap my head around. Growing up my dad always told me that I had to “work hard and good things will come. Work hard and carve out your place in this world”. I still believe this to be true today as I have started raising my family… I work hard and good things will come. So, why don’t other people don’t see it this way? I’m not naive and that is a rhetorical and loaded question.

I read a speech from Kshama Sawant (you need to look this person up… she is out of this world crazy) who is a self-proclaimed Marxist the other day and this is what really prompted me to start a blog because I knew that there must be other people like me out there who still believe that this is truly the land of opportunity as long as you are willing to put the work into it. Nothing is free in life and if you believe that you are owed, then you are sadly mistaken. I looked this person up and found they were an elected official in Seattle…. A marxist being elected in a major city….in the US! it sort of goes against everything American. But I guess everyone in this country is entitled to their opinions no matter how bad they may be. This person has said some pretty wild stuff like from taking over private companies and making them a public entities unless to taking private homes from the rich ans turning the real estate into public housing because beauty should be shared by all and not owned by a few! I’m not a lawyer but I believe that would be stealing….When did we decide that instead of working hard for something, it was okay to just take it away from someone who had worked hard to get it. To me, this country has gone from a country of producers to a country of would-be leeches that won’t stop being offended and filling lawsuit after lawsuit until they have taken everything from those who have worked hard just to even the playing field… or so they think. Just the other day I read a post by a gentleman who was outraged at a bill that was recently passed and said they we all needed to “Get out there and petition, strike, boycott, and sue” until things changed…. Why must we resort to filling lawsuits to get our way? Why do people expect $15 dollar an hour wages for jobs that are entry-level to the workforce and that were never meant to be career? Why do people feel they are owed something because this is America? Americans need to understand that this land can be as fruitful as ever as long as you are willing to put in the effort. Nothing in life is free… I just wish more people felt the same way no days.